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Head of School Welcome

Welcome to Pine Cobble School, a vibrant independent school and a truly exceptional community that offers an extraordinary educational experience where students each come to truly value themselves and each other. At Pine Cobble, we believe a good beginning never ends. My own beginning at Pine Cobble began almost three decades ago. I was a recent graduate of Williams College, thrilled to teach my very first class. Since that day, I have taught in every division of the school, served in a number of administrative roles, coached a generation of students, and watched my own three children thrive here.

I assure you: this is a rare place. While at Pine Cobble , your child will learn what it means to be empathetic, will gain the capacity to self advocate and advocate for others, will tackle any challenge – academic or otherwise – and will lay down deep roots that offer a lifetime of inner strength.  Your child will learn to embrace challenges and take healthy risks, develop an ethic of hard work and critical thinking, all while carving a path toward an honest, purposeful life.

Your child will also laugh…a lot with peers and adults. Here lifelong friends are made, as students cheer for school mates of every age, participate enthusiastically in school-wide events, and understand what it means to be an integral and valued part of a one-of-a-kind community. Here, hard work goes hand-in-hand with great fun, and excellence goes hand-in-hand with kindness.

I’m delighted to invite you to explore Pine Cobble for all it can offer.

Warm Regards,

Susannah Wells

Head of School
Pine Cobble School
(413) 458-4680 x 19

Pine Cobble School Head of School - Susannah Wells