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After Pine Cobble

Students leave Pine Cobble School with the range of tools to make the most of every situation; they are able to meet deadlines, think creatively, produce sophisticated work, advocate for themselves and others, develop and articulate a clear vision, form meaningful relationships and take full advantage of the resources around them.

After Pine Cobble, graduates attend outstanding high schools, both public and private, and they do exceedingly well. On average, 50% of our students choose to continue their education at an independent school (including both boarding and day students), and 50% choose public education. See below for a sample of schools attended by Pine Cobble graduates in recent years.

Our graduates don’t simply attend these great schools, either; they make impact there – as athletes, as student body representatives, as outstanding scholars, as artists, and, equally important, as human beings who contribute to a positive, supportive environment for others.

Some have left Pine Cobble already prepared for genuinely extraordinary things. For example, one alumnus, Sam Cabot, published scientific papers — in astrophysics! — when he was still in high school. Another, Francesca Gundrum, was selected from thousands to represent the United States at the international Student Leadership Conference.  Still another, Matthew Germanowski was so well prepared upon leaving Pine Cobble that he was able to compress seven years of high school and college into just four years. While at college, he won a Change the World Entrepreneurship Challenge.

No matter where they go, students are ready to hit the ground running. That’s because they’ve spent years learning who they are, how they work best, what drives them, and how to engage meaningfully with a wide range of other people. They’ve had years of community service, independent thinking, and joyful discovery. Those are the lessons that stick. Whatever they want to do — theater, model U.N., A.P. classes, athletics, student government, studio art, you name it — they reach high school with the tools they need to be themselves.

Among the schools attended by our graduates in recent years are: