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Admissions FAQs

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Why would I choose Pine Cobble School over any other school?

First, Pine Cobble School offers outstanding academics. We push children to the best of their abilities, fostering intellectual curiosity, personal growth, and critical thinking. There’s no doubt: our students are extremely well prepared – for whatever their next academic stage is – as scholars.

And we go beyond academics as well, nurturing not only students’ intellect and curiosity, but also their personal growth, their social skills, and their civic conscience. When students leave our campus, they aren’t merely scholars, they are well-rounded human beings capable of making meaningful connections to other people, to their community, and to the world at large.

Finally, the community here is one-of-a-kind. If you haven’t spent time on our campus, you might not realize just how kind and supportive a student body can be. Here, where respect and compassion are the norm, students have the freedom and confidence to be good to one another. It’s a difference that allows them to take academic risks with confidence, to discover new things about themselves, and to begin advocating for their own needs and values.

When does school begin and end? Is after-school care available?

For grades K through 9, the school day begins at 8:00 am, and ends at 3:10 pm. Beginners and Pre-K are more flexible, with the formal program beginning at 9:00. Students in Beginners and Pre-K can also choose half-days.

Extended hours are available in the morning, from 7:30 am – 8:00, and after school until 5:30 pm.

Is financial aid available?

A large percentage of our students – at least a third of the student body in any given year – receive financial aid. The school will work with any family on an individual basis to ensure that students who are an excellent fit can access a Pine Cobble School education.

How can parents be involved?

Parents are a critical part of the Pine Cobble community; we see families as our partners in children’s education, and we encourage families to think of our faculty and staff in the same way. Parental involvement can include membership in the Parent Teacher Group (PTG) which supports a variety of school activities. Parents can also participate in classroom activities, chaperone field trips, or serve as a Room Parent. Have some talents you’d like to share with a classroom? Care to sit with us at lunch, watch a student assembly, participate in a language roundtable or other activity? We’d love to have you join us. That’s what a community is all about.

Still wondering about something? Don’t quite have the flavor of this very special place? We cannot stress enough the value of spending time on campus. Observe some classes, talk with our faculty and students, ask questions, and get a sense of just how special a school can be.

How small are your classes?

We are committed to keeping our classroom size small. Our student-faculty ratio will not be larger than 6:1.

What about lunch?

Beginners, Pre-K and Kindergarten students bring lunch and eat in their classroom with their teachers. First through eighth graders enjoy lunch in the cafeteria, eating family-style at assigned tables alongside faculty members. At Pine Cobble, learning and growth doesn’t stop at lunch; our approach offers an important way to build community, to demonstrate values in action, and to hone essential social skills.

What athletic programs do you have?

Athletics are a co-curricular activity at Pine Cobble School, because we know that a healthy body translates to a healthy, active mind. From Beginners through fifth grade, students participate in regular physical education classes. These build a foundation of coordination and fitness while having a lot of fun and learning to work with others.

By 6th grade, students are ready for competition on our school teams. We currently offer soccer, field hockey, and boys’ and girls’ lacrosse. On these teams they learn teamwork and sportsmanship, challenge themselves to acquire new skills, and represent their school with pride. Students are required to participate on a team; we find that even students who don’t consider themselves athletes come to push their own physical abilities, enjoy themselves on the field, and understand the value of wellness.

We also have an outstanding winter sports program. Beginning in Kindergarten, students choose from ice skating, cross-country skiing, or downhill skiing during the winter months.