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If you haven’t spent time on our campus, it might surprise you how positive and supportive a school environment can be. That’s why we encourage you to visit Pine Cobble School. While here, you may observe classes, speak with faculty and students, and ask questions of our admission officers or administrators.

While you’re on campus, you might notice some things that stand out at Pine Cobble School. Here are some of the things we’ve heard from recent visitors:

“It doesn’t look like other schools.” True. Originally designed by Olmsted Associates as a private estate, Pine Cobble’s 20-acre campus is a living laboratory for learning. It’s also completely non-institutional, a fact that we love. After all, our children aren’t numbers; they’re individuals. We’re proud to have a space that respects them as such.

“The kids seem so happy.” Also true. Our students genuinely enjoy being here. And why not? The classrooms are buzzing with ideas, their peers are supportive, they are routinely making accomplishments of which they should be proud, and our excellent faculty and staff treat them with respect.

“Students of different ages actually hang out together.” Isn’t that great? It’s a genuine community here, and students from different grades form real relationships. It’s not uncommon to find a kindergarten student who describes an eighth grader as “my good friend,” and one of our most common sights is upper school students walking hand-in-hand with lower school students — providing the same welcoming community that they themselves experienced when they were young. The overall effect is an environment that is safe and nurturing, one where students are at ease learning and growing.

“These children are nice.” They are, aren’t they? They’re also respectful, hard-working, honest, and compassionate. That’s something we actively cultivate – by selecting our student body carefully, by implementing a school-wide character education program, and by paying close attention to kids throughout the school day. Here, kindness and respect are the norm, not the exception.

“Faculty know every student by name.” Well, of course. Being known is part of what makes them feel safe and respected…which is a necessary criteria for taking risks and challenging oneself.

“The academics are so alive here.” As they should be. As we see it, the world is a fascinating place…so education should be, too. You’ll see it in so many ways – from seventh graders making the connection between Pascal’s Triangle, factorials, and the Fibonacci series; to third graders singing songs in the Iroquois language; to four-year-olds writing their own haiku. Learning comes to life here, just as it should.

Those are just a few of the things you might see…we suspect you’ll see plenty more that piques your interest. Contact Nicole LeBeau at (413) 458-4680 or by email at to schedule your tour.