Wells 3000

Hello Pine Cobble Community, 

I am very excited to team up with Chris Naughton and Nicole Goswami to present to you information about the Wells 3000 Cross Country Adventure! This FUN fund-raising collaborative will engage all students in every grade.  Named in honor of Head of School, Sue Wells, beginning on October 29th, each class is challenged to go 3,000 miles before May 6, 2022! Three thousand miles cross country is equivalent to traveling from Williamstown to Los Angeles.  

Each student is challenged to get family and friends to sponsor them for the miles that they complete. Sponsors can either give students a specific donation amount, or pledge a certain amount per mile completed. For example, someone might pledge to donate $1 per mile, while others may choose to donate a fixed amount (e.g., $20) no matter how many miles are logged. Both types of sponsorships are welcome. Let’s see how many dollars we can raise to encourage every class across the country! 

So how is this done?  Students are encouraged to involve their family! Mileage can be logged in many ways: Taking a walk, playing a sports game, taking a hike, skiing, or anyway they can get out and exercise and get some mileage. A conversion chart is posted on the website with some popular activities to assist in recording miles. Each student that completes 85 miles will receive a gift.  But don’t stop there, keep tracking those miles. The top three classes with the highest recorded mileage will receive a prize! First place receives a YES day, second place receives a pizza party, and third place receives an ice-cream and popsicle party. 

For students in beginner through fifth grade, 1700 of the miles will be completed during the school day. This will include winter sports for K-5 and miles they complete in sports class. 

Sixth-eighth grade students will complete miles in winter sports that will be logged for them. They are challenged to complete the remainder of the miles on their own. 

Students, with parent support, will be able to log their additional miles on the tracker, which will be located on our website. Students will be able to see how far their class and other classes have logged.  In addition, a map has been made for each class to track how far they have travelled across the United States and will be located in the Multipurpose Room. 

We are looking for 100% student participation and remember, the focus is on exercise and participation. I look forward to working with your students on the Wells 3000 Cross Country Adventure.

Nicole Dexter

Director of Athletics


Conversion Chart