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The arts inspire wonder, offer solace, and teach children to problem-solve, take risks, and engage fully with the mind, body, and spirit. They contribute to a rich and meaningful life, and they help integrate learning in all other areas. That’s why music and visual arts are integrated into our curricula at every grade level, with students participating in some form of the arts at least four times weekly. Our arts curriculum is roughly divided into visual arts and performing arts, though there is significant overlap between the two.

Visual Arts

Pine Cobble students participate in hands-on studio art-making: drawing, painting, sculpture, fiber arts, and more. Pine Cobble is fortunate to have proximity to so many world class art museums, and a community of remarkably creative local artists. We take full advantage of these assets through field trips, special projects, and visiting artists.

Performing Arts

Performing arts offer another, deeply valuable opportunity to express oneself. Every year, students participate in a school-wide Winter Concert, in which they sing together with their class, their division, and with the rest of the school. In class, students learn to read music, listen closely, play keyboards, play ukuleles, and master percussion instruments to reinforce rhythm skills.

Over the last few years, our students have made regular visits an array of arts institutions: MASS MoCA, Kidspace @ MASS MoCA, the Francine and Sterling Clark Art Institute, the Bennington Museum, the Williams College Museum of Art, Storm King Arts Center, Williams College Theater Department, and more. An array of visiting artists have spent time on our campus, working with students — sometimes for a class period, sometimes for a day, and occasionally for weeks at a time!