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Character Pillars

Part of what makes the Pine Cobble School experience so special is our character education program. From the moment they step foot on the Pine Cobble campus, students learn that character matters – and that demonstrating good character is a priority, just like literacy and mathematical concepts.

Nine character pillars – responsibility, awareness, gratitude, compassion, respect, honesty, cooperation, courage, and perseverance – are integrated into the curricula at every grade level. These pillars give all students a common vocabulary as they make choices, both in the classroom and out. But these pillars go far beyond words. We actively foster these character traits – through a powerful community outreach program, modeling by faculty, staff and administrators, and in a myriad of tiny moments that set the tone for the community as a whole.

We pay attention. Children are guided throughout the day – even during “free” periods like lunch and recess – to be good to one another. And they are – consistently, and enthusiastically.

We’re proud of our character education program. It works. Every single day, we witness our older students being models for younger students. We see students treat each other with kindness. We see new students – including many who felt out of place in other educational settings – come to understand their own value, and their own worth, in this outstanding community. And we see our alumni become leaders – not just as scholars and professionals, but as compassionate and caring human beings.

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