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Co-Curricular Programs

At Pine Cobble School, our classroom learning is supported by a robust array of co-curricular and extra-curricular programs. Sports are integrated into the curriculum, first as sports classes, than as inclusive team sports. Social-emotional learning, mindfulness, and wellness, are also incorporated.

Because we want children to step outside their comfort zones and explore all aspects of themselves, many of our co-curricular programs are for all children. For example, all students in Kindergarten through sixth grade participate in the annual winter concert. All fifth graders participate in the school musical. All students K-9 participate in our winter sports program, and everyone in grades 6-8 participate in team sports. Again and again, we’ve seen students discover new sides of themselves this way; sometimes activities about which they were initially hesitant become lifelong passions!

Sixth through eighth grade students also have access to electives, which are offered by faculty and community members based on availability and interest. Some recent electives have included rocketry, linguistics, fitness, and theater.

Within-school activities and opportunities include:

  • Soccer team
  • Boys’ Lacrosse
  • Girls’ Lacrosse
  • Winter Sports
  • Community service in all classrooms
  • Yearbook
  • Outreach committee
  • Student government
  • Theatre programs at different grade levels
  • Music and art

Our after-school programming varies depending on time of year and leadership interests, but we always offer an array of programs. Among our recent after-school programs (many free of charge) are:

  • LEGO robotics club
  • School choir
  • Card club for gamers
  • Future problem solvers
  • Math club
  • Jazz band
  • Coyote club/nature exploration
  • Writing workshop
  • Math club
  • Animal tracking club
  • Workshops in media representation and identity

We also have a robust summer program for young children through adolescents.