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Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)

Pine Cobble School has fully adopted RULER, a powerful social-emotional learning (SEL) program developed by the Yale University Center for Emotional Intelligence. The program teaches students to recognize, understand, value, and manage their own emotions; feel empathy toward others; better resolve conflicts; and build and maintain healthy relationships. Social emotional learning (SEL) programs, confer extraordinary benefits, both in the short-term and for the rest of students’ lives.

Consider the research:

  • A landmark 2011 meta-analysis published in the journal Child Development, evaluated the impact of SEL programs on 270,000 kindergarten through high school students. Compared to controls, students who had participated in SEL programs showed improved social skills, greater emotional intelligence, improved attitudes and behavior, and deeper learning — including an overall achievement gain of 11 percentile points.
  • A few years later, the same researchers followed up with yet another meta-analysis to see if the results had long-term effects. This second study, also published in Child Development, demonstrated that 3.5 years later, students who had participated in SEL programs had an academic performance that was an average of 13 percentile points higher than their non-SEL peers. At other follow-up periods, the students showed greater emotional intelligence and social skills, as well as significantly fewer negative outcomes like emotional distress, substance abuse, and behavior problems even years beyond the programs. Mental health diagnoses were an average 13.5 percent lower, as well.  These benefits accrued to students regardless of socioeconomic factors, race, or school location.
  • In schools that adopt RULER, students show a 11% documented difference in academic performance just one year later. Students also show less anxiety and depression. They had improved problem-solving and leadership skills.
  • Research shows a 10-15% average improvement in the emotional climate of schools that adopt RULER, as measured by increased sense of caring, respect, and positive interactions between adults and students, as well as reduced attention and behavior problems.
  • Among schools that have seen an increase in academic success, improved quality of connections between teachers and students, and decreases in problem behavior, there’s just a single common factor: a systematic process for promoting social-emotional learning, like RULER. (Elias et. al, 1997)

Our faculty call RULER a “game-changer.” Curious to learn more about how RULER will impact your child’s experience? Give us a call, or browse some of these links: