Student author night, and the 2011 literary magazine

Written by Christy Richardson on February 10, 2012

Student author night has been announced! Students in grades 1-9 will read from their work the night, in mixed aged groups, on the evening of April 26th.

To get ready, let’s check out last year’s literary magazine, in PDF form here: Literary-Magazine-2011

It contains a few of the pieces that were read at student author night last year, and a handful of others as well.

While the magazine was prepared by Sid Smith ’11 last summer, it took some time to get it compressed into a small enough format to post online– many thanks to i3 Marketing for finally, finally helping us figure that out.

Everyone, from beginners through ninth grade, made a contribution. It contains the adorable:

“I like to write, because I like starees”

– Kindergarten, practicing writing

To the dramatic:

Melony’s voice trailed off. Sanding in front of her was no longer a chef, but a big man with a tux and black glasses. The man bent down to the tiled floor and moved a loose tile to reveal a hole! At first glance, the hole looked dark, but if you looked closer, you could see a glow of rainbows illuminating the tunnel.

“Now, we jump,” the man said firmly.

Melony stood there, baffled — and then she jumped.

– 5th grade fiction

To the downright Shakespearean:

Wither, slither, yither, and jiver,
Make a storm that will deliver
Crush “The Tiger,” sail and all
And after the mast hath fall
Drown the crew, and they will see
They should’st give chestnuts to little old me!
Lip of bluebird, hip of snake
Now we let the potion bake
And once the potion’s good and done
The storm itself hath just begun!

-7th grade, a “lost scene” from Macbeth

It’s just a really fun read — fun to see both how children’s writing progresses from year to year, and also the range of ways that students write.

Thanks to Jane Smith, Sid Smith, i3 Marketing, and all of our student authors. We love hearing what you have to say.

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