In memoriam: Mary Flynt

Written by Christy Richardson on January 21, 2014

Pine Cobble School lost someone dear to our hearts this week. Mary Flynt of Williamstown was a Pine Cobble parent, neighbor, volunteer, and a friend in every way.

Her four children attended Pine Cobble School, and she and her husband, Hank, volunteered countless hours to Pine Cobble. They supported Pine Cobble’s extraordinary mission since the moment their children enrolled.

Head of School Sue Wells said, “I admire and respect the way Mary lived her life. Truly, I can only hope to live as fully and as purposefully as she did.”

Mary was warm and wonderful, and she always had a smile on her face. We will miss her terribly.

Our thoughts are with the entire Flynt family right now.

Here’s a PDF of an article about the Flynts, from the newsletter that Pine Cobble mailed out, just after our move to our current campus:

Caretakers of a Vision: an Interview with Mary and Hank Flynt

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