Science Day is here!

We are so excited for Science Day 2014, which is held on Thursday, March 20.

At Pine Cobble, science Day is an all-school celebration of the scientific method. Students in grades 4-9 present research in front of the school; by sixth grade, all students will have done some kind of independent original scientific research. At the end of the day, all grades come together in some sort of science challenge (in the past, students have had to build weight-bearing structures from dry spaghetti and a limited amount of scotch tape, for example).

Here’s the schedule of presentations for the day. All are welcome!

Session 1: 9:00-9:55

Courtyard (6th Grade Room) Dining Room
Sarah Briggs – Which nail polish color bests resists chipping? Jackie Rich – The Bystander Effect
Josh Crosby – Military Exo-suits Rachel Hemmer – The Giant Squid
Katrina Hotaling – Whale’s World of Sound Georgia Hannock – Reflexes
Clara Kuttner – Surface Tension Eric Printz – Sound Machine
Grace Miller – Music’s Effect on Emotions Cate Byrne – It’s Eye-amazing!
Mercedes Fitch – What toothpaste whitens your teeth the best? Malcolm Skinner – Bop It Psychology
Phoenix Hagy-Weatherbee – Do we see the same colors? Andrea Printz – Memorization of Numbers

Session 2: 10:20-11:15

Courtyard (6th Grade Room) Dining Room: For older audiences
4th Grade – Water and the Aquarium Project Jonah Kelly-Whitney – Gullibility: How easily are you convinced?
Sophie Lane – Music for Thought Mariah Lewis – The Effects of Advertisements on the Human Psyche
Aidan Engel – Super Soda Science! Arianna Stetson – Why Are People Violent?
Darlie Kerns – Potatoes: Not the Solution to the World’s Problems Jakob Zimmerman – Loving the Rocks
Ethan Sheppard – Honor or money? What drives us to succeed? Colette Stapp – Crime Scene Science
Piper Campbell – The Workings of Some Common Medications David Kelly-Whitney – Can we blame violent video games?
Isla Lyons – Imprinting Hayden Noelle Gillooly – Twins

Session 3: 11:20-12:15

Courtyard (6th Grade Room) Dining Room
Jeffrey Merselis – Virtual Reality Sabrina Templeton – Contagious Behaviors
Charles Starenko – Is This Reality? Beau James Lahey – Outrageous Optical Illusions
Brennan Houran – Electrolysis Elaina Lamphere – Bioluminescent Sea Creatures
Aidan White – The Telegraph Merrie Benjamin – Pop! The Mysteries of Popcorn Revealed
Tobias Lepecki – The Effects of Discussion on Retention of Memory M. Holden Ellard – Caffeine Cut Back?
Jacob Hane – The Possibilities of Inter-stellar Space Travel Gable Hartman – Speed Wheels
Noah Giom – Potato Battery: The Extended Edition Logan Waien – Making Sound Visual
Catherine Cavalli – Human Lie Detection Josh Paine – The Placebo Effect

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