Each classroom will be its own cohort. What is a cohort?

Written by Eric Uthus on August 27, 2020

Updated 10/2/20

Please, no one but the adults and children in your cohort should be together.

A cohort is a class of students and their teacher(s).The cohorts will stay together and no other cohort will join them for any part of the day. Cohorts have their own entrance and exit door as well as their own bathroom. Classroom teachers are part of a cohort. One specialist is assigned to cohorts in our younger grades – Beg – 5th. Our teachers of middle school (6th – 8th) will represent one cohort, as they all teach multiple grades. The students in those grades (6th – 8th) are each their own cohort. This does not mean teachers will teach together, but it means they will teach in different grades in the 6th – 8th cohort.

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