How is the school implementing six foot distancing?

Written by Eric Uthus on October 2, 2020

There are many parts of this part of the safety lasagna that come into play here.

In class having students stay in their boxes facing forward is essential. We know there will be times when they are not able to always face forward, but a gentle reminder or clever way you have to help that become muscle memory is essential.

Outside, we will be putting a dot in the center of boxes so students can have a visual of what the center is. Where space allows, we have also added more boxes in an effort to have students have free boxes around them. When students are outside, they may, according to our medical advisor, turn their heads to speak to a person during class with their masks on. 

When children are outside on the playground, regular reminders of what six feet is will help it become muscle memory. Ideas include taking a hula hoop as the teacher in the class and walking around with it in to show what six feet is. Or putting pool noodles on your arms and extend them out far enough in each direction to show what six feet is.

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