What if my child arrives after the school day begins or needs to be picked up before the school day is over?

Written by Eric Uthus on August 27, 2020

If your child arrives after the school day begins, you will need to pull into the visitor parking spots by the main circle outside Cluett House. Then you will need to call Andrew Ritter in the front office (413-458-4680 ext. 10)  to tell him you are here. Andrew will alert the nurse, who will be in PPE, to come to the car and you will show the nurse your child’s COVID Symptom Assessment Form for that day. Once the nurse checks that form, the nurse will walk your child (if they are in beginners through fourth grade, to their room) or if they are in fifth grade and up, the nurse will simply watch them proceed to their entrance and on into their classroom.  

Being picked up early on any day will be very difficult. Please make every effort to have your child be at school during normal school hours. If there is a health emergency, we will be calling you and asking you to come right away to pick up your child. Otherwise, we ask that you not make arrangements for any appointments for your child during the school day. If you know ahead of time that your child has an appointment or will need to be dismissed early, they should stay home and access school via remote access for that day. If they are at school and need to be picked up for a medical reason, the nurse in full PPE will escort your child to your car upon your arrival.

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