Pine Cobble School Cluett Building l Williamstown, MA

Core Values

All of our work is based on four core values, which are reflected in students’ entire experience:

Community: A community like ours doesn’t just happen; it is actively fostered and maintained. Our alumni/ae consistently report that the relationships they developed with Pine Cobble classmates, faculty, and students in other grades are some of the most important of their lives.

Character: At Pine Cobble School, life centers around a set of core character pillars, or values: responsibility, awareness, gratitude, compassion, respect, honesty, cooperation, courage, and perseverance. These values are more than mere words; they are made apparent in all facets of the life of the Pine Cobble community. They are integrated in curricula, encouraged in the lunch room and on the athletic field, used as the basis for arts projects, referenced in campus traditions, and modeled by our faculty and staff. Students know these values. They understand what these values look like in real life. Over time, students themselves come to embody these values.

Safe and nurturing environment: At Pine Cobble, we know that students learn best – and are at their most curious, engaged and ambitious – when they are confident in themselves and supported by their peers and teachers. Unfortunately, this is too often a rarity in education these days. We are proud to say that it is the common experience at Pine Cobble.

Passion for learning and teaching: Pine Cobble develops strong, competent young people who are capable not only of succeeding in the contemporary world, but of doing so with passion and purpose. Our academics are rigorous and highly individualized; no matter a student’s strengths, he or she is challenged as a thinker, a scholar, an athlete, and a citizen. Our goal isn’t simply to prepare them for what comes next, but rather to instill in them the spirit and confidence that allows them to live with courage, curiosity, and vision.