A true testament to personal growth and development, our Music program is centered around both individual and full-group expression, offering each student the opportunity to explore new music through academic curation, connection, and play. Music classes provide students with authentic, hands-on experiences and help them discover the joys of collaborative composition. Throughout the school year, students sing, dance, and explore diverse modes of the musical art form, striking a balance between the familiar and unfamiliar. Our curriculum delves into the complex history of popular music, seeking to understand the important roles that culture, wealth, opportunity, and societal structures have played in determining which creative voices are heard and recognized. In doing so, students are granted a safe space to use and exercise their own voices.

Music students at Pine Cobble engage in the following:

  • Learning and playing instruments such as the guitar, bass, piano, and keyboard
  • Songwriting
  • Understanding chords and chord progressions
  • Song recording
  • The opportunity to perform at various school events
  • Performing in the Annual Winter Concert at the Williams College ‘62 Center MainStage