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A healthy mind and a healthy body go hand-in-hand. Pine Cobble’s athletic and physical education programs reflect our commitment to educating the whole person—morally, intellectually, physically, and socially.

When students develop their physical skills, they gain discipline, self-confidence and the ability to take healthy risks – all of which are traits that will enhance their academic performance. Athletics also teach sportsmanship and team play, which improves students’ social and ethical development. Finally, athletics are the basis for a lifetime of wellness and good health. At Pine Cobble School, we’re proud to help students make great athletic strides, but without the competitiveness or harsh criticism that can sometimes cloud the pursuit of those goals.

From Beginners through 5th grade, physical education classes focus on building a foundation of coordination and fitness while having fun and learning to work with others.

By the time our students reach 6th grade, they are ready for competition on our school teams. Teams include soccer in the fall, and a variety of options in the spring.

All students participate in athletics, and students who in other settings might shy away from the athletic field are often delighted to discover their own inner strength, coordination, stamina and sportsmanship.

We also offer an excellent and exciting winter sports program. Beginning in Kindergarten (and optional for younger students, with parental participation), students can spend their Friday afternoons participating in healthy winter activity; they choose from cross-country skiing, downhill skiing or skating.

Throughout the year, other events – like Mountain Day, Language Day, Fall Trips, and more – offer a chance for students to use and hone their athletic abilities. Here’s a little something about Mountain Day: