Pine Cobble’s commitment to social learning and community engagement is made apparent through our budding Theatre Arts program. Students across grade levels are invited to audition and participate in the Winter Play and Spring Musical. Our theatrical seasons establish an opportunity for students between Grade Four and Grade Eight to learn from each other and collaborate on a shared endeavor to present to the greater community. Throughout the process, students are ecouraged to dive deeply into the worlds of the characters and stories that they study for performance while they learn a variety of dramatic storytelling techniques so that they make informed artistic choices and analyze their effects onstage. In addition to performance, students have the freedom to experience the performing arts through technical theatre by involving themselves in set design, costuming, prop creation, stage management, lighting, sound, and even marketing and publicity. Together, Pine Cobble theater students learn what it means to work as a team, to take risks, to challenge themselves, and to exceed their own expectations.

By participating in the Theater Arts program, students become members of The Pine Cobble Players and experience:

  • Unifying theater games that build and develop confidence in self expression.
  • Coaching from performance, costuming, and set design specialists.
  • The opportunity to perform at the Williams College ‘62 Center Adams Memorial Theatre.
  • Working with theatre tech devices such as lighting and sound boards.

Click here for information about upcoming productions from The Pine Cobble Players.