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Faculty and Staff Directory


Jamal Ahamad

Assistant Head of School

Cornelia Alden

Upper School History

Ashley Amsden

Math Specialist

Pine Cobble School

Linda J. L. Becker

School Grammarian

Linda Bernard

Senior Advisor

Anne-Marie Bona

School Coordinator

Tory Buck

Sports Teacher & Athletic Director

Beth Callahan


Otha Day

Music: Beginner and Pre-K

Chloe Dircks

Mindfulness Coordinator and Early Childhood Art


Monica Endres

Dean of Culture and Students

Sara Farrell Okamura

Development Associate

Jackie Flynn

Jacqueline Flynn

Grade 1

Alison Foehl

Kindergarten Assistant

Sue Gundrum

Reading Specialist

Natalie Harris

Grade 3

Alana Harte

Head of School

Gary Herforth

Buildings and Grounds Coordinator

Brian Francis Keller


Nicole LeBeau

Director of Enrollment

Sally Lemme

Beginners Assistant

Todd Maselli


Kristine McGrath

Grade 2

Karl Mullen

Art Specialist

Shawn Murphy

Upper School Math

Manuel Noguera

Upper School Spanish

Danielle Ploof

Upper School Science

Cynthia Quiñones

Librarian and Upper School Study Support

Michael Quiñones


Meghan Randall

Pre-K Assistant

Michael Richardson

Director of IT

Mary Ann Sacco


Christy St. John

Business Manager

Kristy Samson

ASK Coordinator

Ellery Schiller

Grade 4

Enrique Segura

Early Childhood and Lower School Spanish Teacher

Vanessa Simo

Dean of Academics and Reading Specialist

Ellen Sutherland

Human Resources Coordinator

Jeff Uhas

Grade 5

Dan Weissbrodt

Assistant Director of ASK

Gretchen Wells


Layla Zahra

Grade 6