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Whole Child Learning

The ancient Greeks believed in something called eudaimonia. Roughly translated, the phrase means a kind of human flourishing. Thriving. A life well-lived.

The idea combines a robust intellectual life, ethical decision-making, connection to others, hard work, curiosity, clear thinking. It makes room for joy and laughter, but it’s much bigger than short-term happiness. It means your spirit and your behavior are working in harmony. It means you’re living with a sense of purpose.  It’s about being a whole person — the fullest, most expansive version of oneself.

Ultimately, that’s what Pine Cobble School is trying to foster: a whole person. That’s why the Pine Cobble experience isn’t simply about mastery of academic subjects. It’s about helping our students become the best they can be in all areas. On these pages, you can learn a little bit more about how we do these things — by actively teaching ethics, values like respect and compassion, social-emotional learning, mindfulness, as well as by fostering the arts and education.

Think of it as our own Eudaimonia Project. Sure, it’s an ancient concept. It just happens to be more important today than ever before.

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