Visual Arts

Art classes at Pine Cobble are designed to expose our students to artists from a wide range of backgrounds around the globe. Students explore ideas and approaches in hands-on studio art-making consisting of drawing, painting, print-making, and sculpture. As students navigate and experiment with a variety of media, the process of creation, production, and presentation allows them to develop their own voices. Through the study of art and artists from different racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds across historical periods, our students learn to view art as a reflection of cultural ideas, beliefs, personal expressions, and social conditions.

Pine Cobble’s art program features the following:

  • Exploration of the permanent collections and art exhibitions of The ClarkWilliams College Museum of Art, and MASS MoCA through field trips, guided tours, special projects, and collaboration with visiting artists.
  • Focus and understanding on art as a creative process, method of self expression, and appreciation of diverse perspectives.
  • The study of art’s historical context, cultural significance, and societal impact.
  • Participation in MASS MoCA’s Annual Teen Invitational.