Pine Cobble School is guided by the founding principles of the school’s philosophy and mission. 

To cultivate in each student a life-long passion for learning, a strong sense of self-worth, and a respect for others throughout the community.

Developing one’s character is an integral part of bringing this vision into fruition. 

Our all school Character Education Program supports the nurturing of our students’ well being,  positive sense of self, and the knowledge of the impact their actions can have on others and the greater community. In order to accomplish such goals, we guide our students to develop strong character within themselves. Understanding and appreciating our own value and sense of place in the world can foster empathy, kindness, gratitude, forgiveness, inclusiveness, all character attributes that will reach beyond our idyllic borders and out into the greater community.

This program has a solid foundation built on concrete behavioral expectations and the use of common language. Daily references to the character pillars; respect, forgiveness, gratitude, compassion, responsibility, honesty, perseverance, courage and awareness, happen both in and out of the classroom. These pillars are incorporated into lessons, literature, classroom discussions and school events.

Fostering these characteristics in our future citizens gives hope to the possibility of a diverse, inclusive, and compassionate global community. Creating this safe and nurturing environment in our school community is the first step in accomplishing this larger goal.