Social Emotional Learning

At Pine Cobble School, we know that wellness incorporates many different aspects of children’s lives. Our wellness program is grounded in accurate information, realistic, age-appropriate understanding of children, and a commitment to helping students care for themselves as they become increasingly independent. At all ages, wellness education begins with, and ultimately strengthens, a strong sense of self-worth, fulfilling our core mission. This sense of self-worth begins at the youngest ages, and is reinforced regularly, as students face new challenges and experiences. In the younger years, wellness is integrated into classroom activities as well as specialist subjects like sports, science, and mindfulness. As students get older, we ask them to address more complex considerations such as discussions of self-care, identity, reproductive health, personal values, and healthy relationships. The impact of digital use on emotional/physical wellness is also discussed. Many of our teachers are trained in the Our Whole Lives program, and our curriculum embraces many elements of Optimum Wellness for Life, OWL. These lessons are taught in a way that is judgment-free and grounded in respect for oneself and others. All students attend a weekly mindfulness class. Yoga, qigong, breath work, meditation, games, and self-reflection are integral parts of the curriculum. Students are guided to develop self-awareness, so they may recognize themselves as a valued member of society and become self-assured, compassionate global citizens of the future.