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Visual Arts

Art classes at Pine Cobble School start with images by artists from a wide range of backgrounds around the globe. Students explore ideas and approaches in hands-on studio art-making, drawing, painting, print-making, and sculpture. During art classes, students use many different media to develop their own voices. Through the study of art and artists of different cultures and historical periods, our students learn to view art as a reflection of cultural ideas, beliefs, and social conditions. 

Pine Cobble is fortunate to have proximity to the permanent collections and art exhibitions of The Clark, Williams College Museum of Art, and MASS MoCA. We take full advantage of these assets through field trips, special projects, and visiting artists. Class visits and guided museum tours benefit students’ understanding of art as a creative process, its historical context, and the cultural significance and societal impact of art. 

Art education promotes visual literacy and preserves and transmits heritage, helping our students to recognize and appreciate the diverse perspectives they will encounter in an increasingly global community.

Theater Arts

Part of figuring out who you are is exploring who you might be. In our theater program, our student actors are encouraged to dive deeply into the worlds of the characters and stories in classics, contemporary plays, musicals, and original student-written pieces. They learn about and experiment with a variety of dramatic storytelling techniques. They make artistic choices and explore their effects on the stage. Together, Pine Cobble theater students learn what it means to work as a team, to take risks, to challenge themselves, and to exceed their own expectations. 

Our young actors develop theatrical skills and experience via dramatic improvisation, physical, and vocal training exercises. In addition to performing, our students are given opportunities to engage in the technical aspects of theater, participating in set, props, costume, lighting and sound design, stage management, directing, publicity, and more. Our student-driven productions invite our wider community to come together and celebrate the creative imaginings of our students.

Click here for more information about The Pine Cobble Players and upcoming productions.


Our Pine Cobble music classes are centered around individual and full-group expression, offering each student the opportunity to explore new music, connect with the surrounding instruments, and experience the joys of collaborative composition. Throughout the school year, we sing, dance, and explore diverse modes of the musical art form, striking a balance between the familiar and unfamiliar. Our curriculum delves into the complex history of popular music, seeking to understand the important roles that wealth, opportunity, and societal structure have played in determining which creative voices are heard and recognized. We also believe that all children possess the ability to excel on the stage, and our concerts incorporate songs that we write and perform, showcasing the talents of lyricists, vocalists, and instrumentalists.