Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Action at Pine Cobble

Black Lives Matter. Our philosophy of education puts kindness and the care of the whole child first and foremost. We continue our important IDEA (Inclusion Diversity, Equity and Action) Committee work through education and tangible actions which, on a regular basis, include conversations about race, acknowledging racism, and working towards racial justice and the much needed work we can do as a community to help bring about lasting change.

Our IDEA Committee Mission: 

Pine Cobble School strives everyday to intentionally create a safe, inclusive environment for individuals of all cultures, backgrounds, genders and abilities to learn, grow, and flourish in our community. We understand that diversity of thought and perspective, as well as diversity of culture and human identity, enables us to honor our differences and shared values as we educate and prepare our children for this diverse world that awaits them.


TED talk-We need to talk about an injustice

Booklet that gives families tools to talk about prejudice and injustice with children of all ages.