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Permanent Substitute

This position is for the school year with daily hours 7:45-3:15 p.m. with the possibility of being a year round position to include work in the summer camp program. The daily assignment will vary depending on the need for substitutes. The School Coordinator or designee will make the daily assignment to the permanent substitute.

Job Goal: Responsible for instructing students in a school setting

Assumes responsibility for all aspects of classroom instruction and behavior management. Implements teacher-created lesson plans or works collaboratively with a team of educators to generate lesson plans, providing differentiated strategies to instruct students at all levels in all content areas.

Performance Responsibilities:

  • Improvises lessons in emergency situations where the teacher is unable to provide detailed lesson plans
  • Follows the teacher’s fulls schedule except meetings, to include recess coverage, lunch tables with the potential for multiple coverages in a day (morning coverage with one group and afternoon in another)
  • Plans, prepares and delivers appropriate curriculum content to students
  • Establishes and communicates clear objectives for all learning activities.
  • Uses the curriculum to plan daily instructional activities
  • Assesses student learning using multiple tools on an ongoing basis and alters instruction to meet group/individual needs
  • Creates positive educational climate for students
  • Maintains order within the classroom setting in accordance with Pine Cobble guidelines regarding student behavior management
  • Collaborates with other faculty in planning and delivering instruction to students
  • Communicates regularly with administration and other staff as needed
  • Incorporates and models appropriate use of technology to support instruction and student learning
  • Completes requested training on platforms supported by the district.
  • Performs other related duties as required.

Requirement: High school diploma, Bachelor’s Degree preferred

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